photo by  @47giraffes

photo by @47giraffes


abdullah syed

i am a queer artist / marketer based in washington, dc

i have been making stuff on and off the internet since 2007. I’ve started and participated in numerous projects, and my art-for-the-sake-of art generally revolves around food, pop culture, words, cities and their relationship with each other

i have a communications degree and have held day jobs in marketing and communications for 9+ years. my most impactful project was for USAID where i worked on a media campaign about counter violence and extremism. we directly engaged over 4mil young folks in karachi, pakistan via various digital media channels as well as through events, tv and radio

Please feel free to browse through my work - old and new- using the menu


Starting September 2018, I am part of the 202Creates Residency Program here in Washington, DC.

More about that here, and here’s more information about what I am working on.